You want to live the real deal while playing one of the most popular table games online? Go no further than to live your Roulette dream online with real money and with all the game's variations you could only imagine. Find out how you can have some fun seeing the ball hopefully picking the right pocket or at least the right colour!

A highly traditional game

Roulette traces its roots back to the 18th century, when the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the game with its characteristic wheel. Since then, several versions of the game have been developped and Roulette has become a favourite among all the gamblers. Roulette tables in land-based casinos are true meeting points for everyone who wants to be seen and heard in public.

  • Play a world-famous game
  • Be careful not to choose the wrong strategy

All the history and all the fame do not make Roulette an easy game however. It is almost the opposite. Very often, players could feel too confident about their strategy that was meant to be absolutely safe. There is no such thing as a safe strategy in any kind of gambling. This is one thing you should always keep in the back of your mind.


Get to know the game(s)

Before you get surprised by the twists and turns of a Roulette game, you might also want to take a few other things on board. How about the several different versions of Roulette? There is the more traditional French or European version of Roulette. But there is also an American variety of the game, which has slightly different specifications about it.

If you want to play the game with real money, these differences suddenly are not so irrelevant any more. With the added interest, you would better know about the fact that the European game is slighty more advantageous for you. The American version has an extra pocket that "belongs" to the casino and can not lead to a win for you.

Different Roulette offers

Another major difference can be between the different casinos who offer Roulette games online. Some may have a wide variety to pick from. Others in contrast just offer you one or two different kinds of Roulette, to make sure you will not have to switch to another operator for this particular game. These few games may not always be of the highest standards.

  • Watch out for wide variety
  • Enjoy live games with great atmosphere

If you are not sure about the quality of the games, you may mostly also try them out without real money. A demo version of any given Roulette game online allows you to get familiar with proceedings around the table before you put your hand into your pockets. Always get a feel for things before things potentially become expensive for you!

The ultimate experience - Live Roulette

One thing that helps you to get almost the same experience as in a real casino is the live casino. Enter any table you like and you can see the dealer placing bets and putting the ball into play. If you choose a French Roulette table, you might even hear the classic call of "Rien ne va plus, les jeux sont faits!".

Very modern casinos even offer you the possibility to play Roulette live, with real money and in a Virtual Reality environment. There is hardly a chance that you could ever come closer to the full experience that you could get in Las Vegas, Macau or Monte Carlo. And once you have started playing, you may not want to stop playing again!

  • Live Casinos offer Virtual Reality games
  • Play against real dealers

Always stay safe!

No matter which version of Roulette you play - always be cautious. Real money games can be as addictive as anything in an online casino. And before you blink, you may have lost more money than you ever wanted to play with. Or even worse - more money than you could actually afford to play with. Ideally, set yourself strict limits in time and/or money.

Trying your luck should not end in an exercise where you desperately try to win back the money you previously lost. Rather take a break, come back another day and see whether you can enjoy better luck next time. Also, stay away from other temptations when you are gambling. Particularly alcohol can cause you to play recklessly and to lose more money than you could afford.